30 November, 2012

Ritual Mess (2012 - )

Orchid played their last show in 2002. Vocalist Jayson Green went on to front Panthers and later on Violent Bullshit. Two bands we have not heard much from. Guitarist Will Killingsworth had a bit more to do as he played in Ampere, Vaccine, Bucket Full of Teeth, Failures, The Toll and more all while producing/recording an immense amount of bands at his very own Dead Air Studios in Western Massachusetts. In the year of 2012, Jayson and Will reunited and started, along with Will's band mate Andy Skelly from Ampere and a James Clarke, what is called Ritual Mess. Fierce, violent, chaotic, slightly math-ish and a tad experimental in the sense of Swing Kids, Antioch Arrow and Mohinder but far more explosive. This is something holy.