29 November, 2012

Orchid (1997 - 2002)

One of the most best, influencing and righteously famous screamo and hardcore bands to ever have existed. Peculiar, personal, philosophical and at times political lyrics. A sound that stands out and you can hear right away when it’s Orchid. They are just… Orchid.
 They were from Amherst, Massachussetts and existed from 1997 ‘til 2002. They were, according to themselves, most of all influenced and inspired by the Bremen hardcore scene with bands like Carol, Systral, Acme, Mörser, etc. Although they are by the listeners most of all compared to bands like Union Of Uranus, One Eyed God Prophecy and of course Honeywell. 
The members of Orchid went on to form bands such as Ampere, Vaccine, Bucket Full of Teeth, Wolves, Transistor Transistor & Panthers.